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Decide on your main points Select the sub points, examples, illustrations and details that support your main points Put them in a suitable order Think of a way to introduce the essay - make sure it enables the reader to see the. Take care to define any terms used - avoid dictionary definitions, which are not context-specific. An antique illustration of plants. Licensed from iStockPhoto. noun. The definition of an illustration is a picture or a drawing or the act of creating the drawing, or is an example used to explain or prove something. An example of an illustration is a picture accompanying a magazine article. An example of an illustration is the.

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Jun 12, 2017. An illustration is a picture or drawing, but in this case, it doesnt necessarily have anything to do with actual images. For illustration purposes only means that examples are being presented to highlight or explain a topic. The same is true for an illustration essay. Its purpose is to use evidence to demonstrate. A summary essay should be organized so that others can understand the source or evaluate your comprehension of it. The following format. It is a one-sentence summary of the entire text that your essay summarizes. 2.. Include one or more of the authors examples or illustrations (these will bring your summary to life) 3. ExampleIllustration Essay. Purpose The purpose is to state a general statement and prove it through the use of examples and illustrations. Introduction The introduction states the general statement that you want to prove. Ex. Gender stereotypes still exist in the professional world. Body paragraphs The body paragraphs.