Depression-Era Bank Failures: The Great Contagion or the

Great Depression Bank Failures Essays


ESSAYS ON REPURCHASE AGREEMENTS, BAILOUTS,. AND THE MACROECONOMIC EFFECTS. OF BANK FAILURES by. DANIEL LEE OTTO. ROBERT R. REED, COMMITTEE. bank failures in the United States from 1973 - 2006.. find that people who were alive during the Great Depression invest less in equities. Acharya and Mora (2012)), and can also have an adverse effect on real economic activity (Ashcraft (2005)). Even in the absence of actual failure, the banks response to distress can directly affect the real economy through the bank credit channel. Studying the Great Depression Calomiris and Mason (2003) show that. Remarks by Governor Ben S. Bernanke. Friedman and Schwartz emphasized the effects of bank failures on the money supply.. Essays on the Great Depression. BANKING FAILURES Banking failures, which began growing in number in the early 1920s, coincide with regional agricultural problems, and later with broader economic prob-lems of the Great Depression.

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Depression-Era Bank Failures: The Great Contagion or the

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