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writers, psychologists, and others interested in the relationship between psychology and literature with classics of Jungian literary analysis and with the work of contemporary. The heros quest for identity in fantasy literature A Jungian analysis. Lisa Stapleton Melanson, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Abstract. As a genre, fantasy seeks to validate the unconscious world of dreams, to insist not merely on its existence in the human psyche, but on its essential, vital presence. A work of fantasy. Carl Jung was an early supporter of Freud because of their shared interest in the. which in his view was the key to both the analysis of neurosis and its. The universal unconscious was expressed in art, literature and myth, and Jungian literary criticism focused specifically on the analysis of archetypes in literature and written.

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A Jungian Analysis of The Sound and the Fury: Faulkner and

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Aug 23, 2009. taken in part from Clifton Sniders The Stuff That Dreams Are Made On A Jungian Interpretation of Literature. C. G. Jung. A Brief Outline of Jungian Psychology with some. Archetypal Images, Themes, and Symbols by Clifton Snider. Jungs Psychology of Consciousness. I. Psychological Types (see Snider,. Dramatic analysis, however, indeed, all literary and aesthetic analysis, need not be confined to the laboratory, nor restrict itself to the demands of the scientific method. Ideas which are not necessarily verifiable via empirical observation and scientific repetition are not immediately nullified. To the dramatic critic,. Jungs beliefs.