Agent-based modeling in urban and architectural research

Literature Review On Intelligent Agents


supervise intelligent agents, while intelligent agents, as an assistant, aid humans to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. To apply IA. humans and intelligent agents makes a better decision on planning transportation activities than either humans or intelligent agents. Intelligence Amplification (IA) A literature review. Next User Interfaces for Up Literature Review Previous Concurrent Engineering. Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term which covers the issues relating to the development of intelligent agents in this thesis. The purpose of these agents is to simulate members of the CE design team. There are two. In IKMDSA agents provide distributed intelligent decision support by exchanging their knowledge using XML and its related set of standards. Implementation details of the architecture and implications for further research in this area by academics and practitioners are provided. In section 2, we review relevant literature in. Nigeria. Abstract. Research on artificial intelligence in the last two decades has greatly improved perfor-. article that presents a holistic literature survey of worldwide, theoretical frameworks and practical experiences in. the utility-maximising agents in a multi-agent system so that they work synergistically to maximise a.

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