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To search for Monash theses in the library catalogue, type your subject (or author keywords etc) followed by monash then thesis within keyword search. Examples drama AND monash AND thesis - will find Monash theses relating to drama theatre AND monash AND thesis - will find Monash theses relating to theatre. GUIDE-NOTES ON WRITING A DISSERTATION IN DRAMA. Undergraduate (maximum length 10,000 words). Two important points apply 1. This is maximum length. You do not have to write up to the maximum. 2. If you are genuinely bothered about length, you should think again about writing a dissertation. You need a. Drama In Education thesis writing service to help in writing a doctorate Drama In Education dissertation for a Ph.D. dissertation defense. Thesis directed by Professor Laurie Frederik Meer. Department of Theatre and Performance Studies. Recent scholarship on educational theatre has tended to focus on process-oriented drama and on programs that deal with participants personal identity. These programs have become regarded as the standard for drama.

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