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May 20, 2012. With the awareness that both are possible, you reduce the tension between knowing that you should be content right now and the inner urging for something. Just wanted to thank you for this whole post on becoming the best version of yourself i really needed to read this today out of all days in my life. How Well Do You Know Yourself? How well do you really know and understand your own mind? Believe it or not, not everyone does. How do you measure up? As a matter of fact, its best to ask a few different people. Everyone has an opinion, but if you hear the same critique from a number of individuals, then you should probably take their advice into consideration. Do have fun with it! The essay should be a personal journey of getting to know yourself better. This process should. Its never easy to admit youve made a mistake, but its a crucial step in learning, growing, and improving yourself. Writer and speaker Scott Berkuns new essay.

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How Well Do I Know Myself? Essay

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