Homework 'damages' primary age pupils

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summaries of 101 studies relating to homework, which is available from the NFERs website (Sharp et al., 2001). Between a third and a half of the research studies (40 percent) were carried out in the USA. Thirty seven percent were conducted in the UK (primarily in England). A small minority of studies were conducted. Dec 11, 2014. School pupils in the UK - and the parents who have to help them - get more homework than many other European countries, according to the OECD international think tank. The OECD, which carries out the Pisa tests of school performance, has produced a comparison of homework. It suggests teenagers in. Homework. We have tried to simplify homework so that everyone knows what to expect. All children will be given three pieces of homework each Friday spellings, Maths and English. This work should be completed in their homework book or on the sheets provided and then stuck in the homework book. All homework.

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